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Poetry Whores!

Chicago!  You have heard the hushed whisperings of such goings-on at your local public house, or during an afternoon tea party with one of our fine city’s most respectable families,  or perchance in a conversation between traders of commodity at the Union Station, truly a demonstration of your vast powers of auscultation!  But now, wait no longer—come see if what they say is true!

Chicago, meet your Poetry Whores
! Let them whisk you away to a world of vice and verse, a world of rhyme and revelry.  Chicago’s Poetry Whores are premiere in the practice of ars poetica:  active in the local community of poets, published in the day’s most respectable journals,  in books and anthologies.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and all sexes; they will, surely satiate your search for a sestina, your voracity for a villanelle, or your lust for a limerick!  Madam Black-eyed Susan is always on-hand to help you find the right Poetry Whore for you!


Burlesque Dancers & More!

Between visits to the boudoir of your favorite bard, let our beauties of the burlesque regale you with their timeless art, for your pleasure. All evening, regular exhibitions of magnificent expertise are guaranteed to beguile and bemuse even those patrons of most the discerning (or old-fashioned) sensibilities.

But, there are Musicians, Vaudevillians and More! Our pianist and disc-jockey will delight the ears of our modern Victorian visitors, with the sounds of contemporary 1890s-1930s, and special guest performers, fortune tellers, and soothsayers are always on schedule. So be sure to peruse the program to plan your next visit to the Chicago Poetry Bordello!



Only the finest libations and aperitifs are available for your enjoyment while you lounge and take in the lush environs of the Chicago Poetry Bordello, a high-end Victorian brothel from Chicago’s past. Our “Regulars” are on hand to help ease your passage back in time, and to provide you with the machine-pressed, stylish brothel tokens necessary for the purchase of private poetry readings.  Mingle with or staff, the Madam and the other regulars while you are deciding on the particular poet that suits your tastes the best! 


Recent shows:


Saturday, 15 February 2014
Join us in the Upstairs Lounge at Schubas!
3159 N Southport, Chicago
to celebrate Valentine's Day with the best poetry whores in the Midwest
Musical Vaudevillian Guests: Pinch & Squeal from Cleveland!
Burlesque by Lula Houp-Garou from Dallas!
Plus tarot, silhouettes and your favorite poetry whores!
8pm to midnight. $5 if dressed Victorian. $10 if not.


Saturday, 27 July 2013
Join us in the Upstairs Lounge at Schubas!
3159 N Southport, Chicago
to celebrate Florodora with the best poetry whores in the Midwest
Meredith Axelrod  performing 1900s favorites
burlesque, tarot & silhouettes
8pm to midnight. $5 if dressed Victorian. $10 if not.
Sunday, 17 March  2013
Our friends at Pocket Guide of Hell cordially invite you to
Bathhouse John and Hinky Dink Kenna's 1908 First Ward Ball!
Dancing, drink, and political mischief!      
Music by Meredith Axelrod, John Gieger, Jamie Albert, and Spears and Gears!
Performances by the Chicago Poetry Bordello and more!
Costume contest and raffles of exciting prizes! Dance with the Everleigh Sisters!
Rig an election with Johnny Powers!
Keep the transit system in municipal hands by fighting Charles Yerkes!